Leak Repair Tips

Getting a leak in your home is a common problem. The leak can be from the heating system in your home or the pipes that runs throughout your home. As with any other component of your home, the pipes will wear down and leaks can occur at the joints.

corodded pipe

The above picture shows a common problem in your pipe. Corrosion can and will appear in your pipes due to aging which in turns creates a leak in the pipe. For more information on the cause of pipe corrosion you can view: http://www.iklimnet.com/expert_hvac/Pipe_corrosion_causes.html

What to do with a leaking pipe?

When face with a leaking pipe, it is crucial to solve it as early as possible. Leaving a small leak alone can and most probably will cause it to escalate up to bad leak in the future. In order to solve the pipe leak, you can either

1. Seal up the leaking portion

2. Replace the entire portion of pipe

Sealing up the leaking portion would usually require the use of epoxy which you purchase from the hardware shop or amazon. All it requires is for you to stick it into the pipe, cover the hole where the leak is and wait for it to dry up. Epoxy are easy to use but are not suitable if the pipes are corroded as shown in the picture above. For such pipes, it is best to replace the entire portion that is corroded

According to: http://www.plumbersg.com/leak-repair-singapore/, there are PVC pipes, Stainless steel pipes and copper pipes. Should you want to replace the pipe, it is best that you have the right equipment and size of the pipe to be replaced.

For example, PVC pipe are joint by glue while the stainless steel and copper pipes are joint by sockets and elbows as shown in the picture below:



To connect them, you would require some experience as the tightness of the screw on is important. Tightening it too tight and it will leak. Vice versa if it is too loose.

For pipe replacement, it is always best to engage the service of a professional plumber to save you further headache rather than doing it DIY


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