List of Expense Items to Start a Landscaping Business

If your hobby is landscaping and you have already mastered the ins and out of this activity, why not turn this hobby into an income generating venture. I know you already have some of the equipment needed for it but to complete the list, see items below;


Have the right tools when starting your landscaping business.


1. Lawn Mower

Your lawn mower, or mowers if there is more than one person in your crew, needs to be reliable. If you invest in mowers with newer technology such as electric starters and self-propelled wheels, be sure you can maintain them on your own to keep maintenance costs down. Maintenance includes sharpening the blades, changing the fluids and replacing spark plugs. As your business grows, and you start caring for larger lawns, you will need to consider investing in riding mowers as well.

2. Edger

A gas-powered edger will allow you to edge sidewalks and driveways, and it can also double as a weed whacker.


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