Penda Unveils Undulating Landscaped Pavilion For China’s Garden Expo

“The pavilion is a natural landscape being constructed for the Garden Expo 2015 in Wuhan, China. Visitors are given seeds to plant along at the riverbed as they are guided though the garden. Additionally, a system called “rainwater system” allows water to be stored in tanks to reuse it for watering the plants. The significance of clean water and the safeguarding of our habitat is the first goal upon constructing this pavilion.”

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Penda Architecture and Design has unveiled their proposal for a landscaped pavilion in china for the garden expo 2015. encompassing the natural elements, ‘where the river runs’ will be dedicated to highlighting the importance of clean water. referencing the landscape, heritage and location of Wuhan, the architects have created a dialog, bringing together their proposal and the significant history of the river, which influenced historic figures and brought an abundance of flora and fauna to the people.

Characterized by its undulating form, the artificial landscape is composed of a pathway which weaves through carefully formed hills and valleys. Simultaneously, visitors are given seeds from different local flowers and fruits to plant along the ‘riverbed’ as they are guided through the grassland. intrinsically connected to nature, visitors are thoroughly immersed in the different planted, terrain-formations. following the train of scent and the colors eventually leads to a central plaza — a place for reflection and rest…


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