Picking The Perfect Pet-Friendly Rug

“When our pets show a particular affection for a rug, we make sure to keep it in an easily accessible place. So while we might put two legs of the sofa and a lightweight coffee table or ottoman on top, we avoid piling all of our furniture and accessories on the rug. This way, when we need to take it out of the room for cleaning, it’s a simple matter of lifting a few items, rather than rearranging an entire room.”

We adore our pets—we really do. But we’re sometimes less than thrilled when we have to forgo a fabulous decorating find because Fido or Fluffy might turn it into a scrap heap faster than you can say “Hands off the home décor.” When it comes to rugs, we’ve learned the hard way what works for households with cats or dogs, so we’ve put together this handy, no-disappointment tips guide for picking the perfect pet-friendly rug…


Read more: https://annieselke.com/picking-perfect-pet-friendly-rug

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