Plumbing Traps: Their Purpose & Importance

There are plenty of plumbers focusing on bathroom set up, drain remedy, and many types of bathroom plumbing problems. Watering systems set up have various types of plumbing that are frequently used by plumbers. Layout of plumbing systems also needs to fulfill the expectancy of homeowners as well as the specifications of a authorized plumber.”

San Jose Plumber working on P-trap under sink

Plumbing Trap Basics

A Plumbing Trap, or P-trap as it is commonly referred, is the u-shaped bend in the pipe under most sinks. This trap stops sewer gasses from passing back up the pipes and entering your home. These include methane gas (which is explosive) and hydrogen sulfide gas (which carries potential health hazards).

An added benefit of the trap is that heavy objects like rings will usually get captured in them, thus preventing that gorgeous wedding set you accidentally knocked into an open sink drain from getting lost in the city sewer. But make no mistake: their main purpose is to trap the sewer gasses and prevent them from getting into your dwelling. For your home and your health, it is of the utmost importance that the traps are installed correctly and inspected for any issues…


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