Pond Design Tips

As soon as the pond is built, make sure you introduce fish to the pond one after the other. Plonking all of your intended fish in the pond all at the same time will disrupt the natural filtering of the bacteria. Also, before starting any project, it is always a smart idea to carry out research to know as much as possible about the subject.”

Most people who have ponds will tell you that they get immense satisfaction and enjoyment from their pond (or ponds in many cases). People will often spend hours just relaxing by the pond enjoying the sights and sounds of the fish and wildlife that inhabit or visit the pond. A well designed pond will bring you satisfaction for many years to come. Here are some pond design tips to help you create the perfect pond for your back yard. There are basically three types of ponds that people generally build:

  • Plant Ponds – ponds designed for plants only, fish. Usually built by avid gardeners who want to try growing new types of plants. These pond have little or no circulation and filtration
  • Water Gardens – Ponds designed for a combination of plants and fish. This is the type most people picture when they think of ponds, moderate size and depth.
  • Koi Ponds- ponds designed for only koi, usually with no plants. Often, serious hobbyists and aquarists  build these ponds. These ponds are designed larger and deeper than most water gardens and have large filtration systems…


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