Preventing Drain and Pipe Problems Tips

Just the thought of sewer line trouble makes most householders cringe. Difficulties with a sewer line can be expensive, especially if you fail to catch issues early on. For homes which are served by a city sewer, the municipality will usually look after and maintain the line running ` the street”

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A backed up sewer can be quite a messy situation, full of water leaks, bad smells, and damage to floors and appliances. Sewer line repair can be costly, and residents are normally liable for the area of the sewer line running from the residence to the street. Luckily, if you can spot the following early warning signs of failing plumbing, you can usually save money and stress.

Reasons behind Sewer Line Problems

The apparent and maybe most usual sewer line problem is a buildup of gunk which is created over time from repeat flow down the drains in the home. Another likely danger to sewer lines are tree roots that might disrupt underground sewer pipes making them crack or end up clogged. Older pipes used for sewer lines were often made from clay or steel, and therefore are susceptible to breaking or rusting with time. Because these problems are not easily seen, here are several signs that you may have a sewer line problem.

Toilet Bowl Water Level

Every time a sewer line is blocked, there might be inconsistency within the water level of toilets. In the event the water level in your toilet is uncommonly low, high, or simply changes day to day, it’s to your best benefit to contact a licensed plumber to assess your line.

Presence of Odd Sounds or Scents

As water attempts to move down an blocked pipe, it has to navigate around whatever is causing the obstruction. That air travels throughout the water and creates the sound you might describe as gurgling. However, given that all water leaves the property through the same system, gurgling in multiple fixtures suggests you need a sewer cleaning as the concern is possibly caused by a buildup of back pressure.

Showers, Sinks and Tubs are Slow to Drain

One sewer line problem that you could observe are slow moving drains, sinks and toilets.While noticing the initial phases of slow moving drains can be difficult, a slow moving bathtub drain can be quite informing of your septic problems. In short, should your drains and sinks are draining slow, you have waste back up in your pipes and the problem will only get worse.

Unusual events when you use plumbing fixtures

This may be many different things. In the event you flush the toilet and the bathtub backs up, that’s a rare reaction. Another could be turning on the tap in the sink and seeing bubbles in the toilet, the toilet starts draining or the toilet water rises. Lastly, in the event the washing machine is draining and any nearby fixtures backup or a toilet overflows, the chances are you have a block up somewhere.

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