Protecting Your Home. Upgrade Your Doors and Locks.

Some of the most important things in your homes are your home doors. Not only are they the first thing your visitors will notice when walking into your home, the home doors also provide you with the security your home will need.

The first thing you have to ensure is that if your door is a wooden door, it is not hollow. Yes there are people that actually save money on their door by buying cheap doors. The minus points about this is that the door are actually hollow in the middle. If you got your door on bargain, it will be best to knock on it and hear if it produces a hollow or solid sound.

To replace the door, some materials you can consider getting are fiber glass door or metal doors. This doors look great as it looks futuristic.

The next thing that should be on your to do list would be to check the locks you are using. One of my favourite products in the market right now is the samsung digital life locks. They come with a dual access mode: by card or code and auto locks your door (no worries about forgetting to lock your door now).

If you are using a normal lock, always use a dead bolt lock. The minimum length of the bolt should be at least 1 inches. Always have a cylinder lock protector on your locks. To know which lock suits your home most, i advice consulting a locksmith on this.

ps: a simple method and fun one at that to safe guard your home is by getting a dog. Most burglars would thing twice before breaking into a home with a dog.

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