Refinish Your Hardwood Floor Like a Pro

The following guide is written by a professional of refinishing hardwood flooring since I’ve done too many to count. Perhaps 300 are a fantastic guess.

My dad was at the company full time (in addition to aluminum doors and windows (which I will write another post about that shortly) and while I attended college, and also for a brief time afterwards I worked with him and on my refinishing hardwood flooring.

Actually, I simply did my mother-in-law’s past summer and my back still hurts!

Before you even consider beginning this DIY job, you have to be pretty good form. There’s a Good Deal of bending, bending and scratching 🙁

Ok, you are here reading so that I guess You’re serious :o)

Here are the simple? Steps to a beautiful hardwood flooring:

1. Determine what type of finish you’d like first. There are a few options, low gloss and gloss. It is strictly flavor as they wear the same. I favor a polyurethane paint but some just like varnishes. I discovered urethane for a lasting finish and will not yellow with time. Start Looking for ‘non-yellowing’ on the can.

2. Proceed to the neighborhood hardware shop that includes floor sanders, edger sander, pain scrapers, sandpaper (medium) and also the ground paint.

3. Prepare your flooring by filling in any defects, depressions, cracks and nail holes.

4. Sweep and then solid ground. (at this stage I’d hang a plastic sheet above any doorway openings when the door was eliminated (new structure etc).

5. Sand main flooring being careful to maintain sander moving in same way. Begin with a rough sandpaper and change to finer for instant sanding. The very first sanding would be for to bare wood and the next to get a finished appearance.

6. Sand the edges. The trick here is to use a pretty gentle touch and rotate the sander in semi-circle reducing sand marks.

7. The fun part. Carry your scraper from scratch on the corners and beneath heaters. Do not fret about beneath heaters too much since it will not be noticeable.

8. Whew! The tough part is completed. The fun part. Sweep and vacuum ground and if you find that a swirl or sanding marks scrape on out the outside.

9. Place the down duvet. Wait a minimum of two hours hand sand the entire floor, vacuum and then put on the urethane.If you do not have air conditioning, then set a fan on the ground to wash it faster.

10. I usually waited at least 4-5 hours because of it dry, the majority of the time immediately. I recommend a minimum of two coats of urethane to get a durable, tough end.

You are done! Wow was it?

Oh yeah,

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