Remove Paint From Hardwood Floor

“I know that you’ve encountered this issue not just once in your life especially when you have done improvement jobs at home. The tendency is that there are patches of paints that are still left on the floor or on the walls which are to get. Now, here is life hack that will surely help you in this dilemma.”



Removing Paint Speckles

How you remove paint from hardwood floor slats may depend on how fresh the paint is. For old speckles, the best approach is a graduated method. Try to avoid chemicals or abrasives and start with milder cleaning agents first because they are less likely to damage your wood floor. Use very hot water, but remember that water causes wood to expand. Don’t let water soak into your floor or you risk raising the wood grain. In fact, water applied to hardwood floors for too long may even buckle the floor.

Here are some options to try for removing the paint, starting with the least invasive:

  • Putty knife — On newer paint speckles, gentle use of a putty knife will usually lift the flecks of paint but not harm the floor’s finish.
  • Mild cleaning agent – Dissolve a handful of TSP (trisodium phosphate) in warm water. Using a Scotch-Brite pad dipped in the cleaning solution, scrub the …


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