Running Shoes Buying Guide

Every runner needs to have the perfect running shoe that fits well and works well for them. Specific footwear characteristics should match the individual needs of a runner. It is important to know which kind of running footwear match your specific goals and individual needs.


Running Shoes Buying Guide

First time running shoes buyer ? Before diving into our reviews, take a moment to read this running shoes buying guide.

1. You need a shoe that was developed for running.

Yes, in theory you can run barefoot and you can run in stilettos. You might have some basketball, tennis or leisure shoes already at home.

All these shoes might be fine for an occasional run here and there, but if you plan to pick up running as a sport you’ll soon realize a pair of shoes that were developed specifically for running will be the best investment you can do.

Running involves a very specific and repetitive movement of the foot, from heel to toe and repeatedly bouncing your whole body weight up and down. The right shoes need to have the right grip and traction, they need to allow your foot to breathe, they need to be comfortable over the long distance.

We could be talking for hours explaining why shoes meant for other sports are dangerous while you use them for running – but just trust us on this one: buy a running specific shoe and you’ll never look back.

2.You want an expensive shoe, but you don’t need to pay a lot of money for it.

Marketing aside, premium materials and long design/testing processes, do cost more money. And in many cases the difference is sensible.

Better foam or cushioning material used in the sole will make the shoe last longer, better upper materials/construction will make it more comfortable on your foot. A countoured sockliner will keep you foot in place…



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