Running: The Benefits of Running Insoles

Insoles are the best solution to minimize the stress, and offer relief from pains and aches. Inserting insoles into your shoes offers excellent support system, and takes up all the pain caused due to physical activities like running, jogging, walking etc.

ASICS® GEL Technology

“If my running shoes already include insoles, why should I buy different insoles?” Great question! While your running shoes usually include insoles, they are made with a ‘one size fits most’ mentality and may not accommodate your foot’s specific needs. The good news is that as a runner, you can still find a way to customize your fit and feel. Brands like Spenco, Superfeet, and SofSole specialize in running-specific insoles, which can help align your foot for proper running motion, increase comfort, reduce injury risk, and enhance your performance.


Benefits of Running Insoles

The many benefits of wearing running insoles occur simultaneously. By wearing an insole that accommodates your foot’s needs, your foot becomes more properly aligned for intense athletic activity – like running. This proper foot alignment can improve your running stride and reduce fatigue, while offering a customized fit that increases comfort.


Reduce Injury Risk

Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid those annoying and uncomfortable strains, sprains, and other muscle or tendon injuries? Of course it would! Running insoles are not intended to treat injuries, but they can help prevent injuries and alleviate discomfort during recovery. Many common running injuries, from shin splints to plantar fasciitis and bunions, may be caused by improper foot support or a lack of sufficient cushioning. Running insoles are designed to provide the proper support, cushioning, and fit you need to comfortably take on the miles.


Types of Running Insoles

With many different types of insoles available, which type would be most beneficial for you? Four common types of running insoles are cushioned, cushioned stability, stability, and heel pads. Some of these insoles are more beneficial to runners with a specific foot type, so if you’re not sure which foot type you are, you can learn how to find out by watching the gait analysis video in our Analyzing Your Running Gait article.



Foot type: Any

Running surface: Road/asphalt

Benefit: Extra cushioning

SofSole Airr Insole


As the name implies, cushioned insoles provide additional cushioning for your feet. These insoles are a smart choice for those who run primarily on roads or other hard surfaces. The extra cushioning helps reduce shock and soften impact, which lessens the stress placed on your feet, ankles, knees, and back. Cushioned insoles, like the SofSole Airr, offer comfort and support for your performance, may reduce potential injury risk, and can help your favorite pair of …


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