Should my Child have a Mobile Phone?

‘Perhaps, this question already popped out of your mind? Being in a generation where technology is part of the basics, how can you control your child from not getting too attached? We all have different parenting techniques but based on the term alone that they are still “kids”, I don’t see the significance of it at the moment.’


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Your child goes to primary school in a few days. Should you get him or her a mobile phone? As a parent who has waited for my children at the gates at release time, I have seen numerous children, even those in Primary 1, whip their mobile devices out immediately upon emerging from the school gates.

Obviously, children of this generation are no strangers to mobile phones, and parents have no qualms giving one of these handheld communication devices to their children. But is it a good idea to do so?

How Connected are Our Children?

By 2013, Singapore’s population of 5.3 million had eight million mobile phone lines, 6.6 times more than the number of residential phone lines nationwide. Many here have more than one mobile phone, explaining the 152 per cent mobile phone penetration. Up to 74 per cent or nearly six million of these mobile phones are smartphones.

Twelve per cent or 626,300 of Singapore’s population consists of children below 14 years old. While there is no way to confirm the exact number of children in this age group …


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