Shower Curtain Rod Options

“When I renovated my bathroom, I actually didn’t give much attention to shower curtain rods. I just picked at the store what I thought was just OK. Only to find out that it didn’t fit on our bathroom structure. My bad because I thought all are the same and it just differs in the material and design. Well, to help you not make the same mistakes again, carefully read this guide.”


If you don’t have a shower door or an open-style shower, chances are you’ll need a shower curtain rod to help keep the water where it belongs. What you might not realize is that shower curtain rods come in a variety of different styles and finishes to complement any bathroom decor.

Types of Shower Rods

When you begin shopping for shower rods you’ll soon discover there are quite a few things to consider, such as the shape and size of the rod. Most rods come in a kit that includes the screws and the flanges, which are the end supports you will need to attach the rod to the wall.

Straight and Double-Straight Shower Rods

Straight and double-straight rods are one of the most common types of rod. They consist of one or two solid rods that attach to the wall at either end of the shower or tub. The escutcheon on either end of your rod should ideally match the style of your other bathroom accessories, such as the towel rods.

Straight shower rod and curtain

Companies that make straight shower rods include:

  • Ginger makes accessories for the entire bathroom, including the shower rod. They have finishes and styles to complement a wide range of bathroom styles from traditional to contemporary.
  • Signature Hardware makes several different sizes of both straight and double-straight shower rods. All options are available in at least three finishes to complement a number of styles.

Curved and Double-Curved Shower Rods

This type of shower curtain is great if you want to expand the elbow room in your shower. Your shower curtain will still hang correctly so that the water doesn’t splash or drip onto your bathroom floor. Curved rods are also ideal for curved bathtubs; the shape of the rod follows the shape of the tub.

Moen Curved Shower Rod

The double-curved shower rod is a great way to make your showering experience versatile. Just like the double straight rod, the curved rods can be used for hanging up damp towels or to support a shower curtain liner. This versatility gives you the option of using various fabrics for your shower curtain since the liner can be used separately. The rod design freedom is desirable when you want to give the bathroom décor a special look.

You can purchase curved and double-curved shower rods from:

  • Faucet Manufacturer Moen also makes curved and double-curved shower rods that match the escutcheon styles and finishes of their bathroom faucets to give your bathroom a cohesive look.
  • WingIts shower curtain rods are used in hotels around the world for their style and durability. Their rods come in three finishes and several sizes.

Track Shower Curtain Rods

Track rods are hook-free shower rods that are often used for a clawfoot tub and shower combination, or other ….


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