Signs of Labor: Is Baby On The Way?

How would you know when your pregnancy labor is about to commence? Don’t worry; Mother Nature is benevolent! She has given certain signs that indicate an approaching labor.


If you’re nearing your due date (or have already passed it!) you may be wondering when labor will finally start. (You could check out these 10 signs your baby is coming video.)

In this post, we’ll look at the signs of labor to help you sort out whether you are nearing your baby’s birth day, or whether you may still have some time to wait.

Signs of labor: Maybe soon

These signs of labor may or may not signal impending labor.


Ask almost any mother and you’ll probably discover some crazy nesting stories! Nesting is an actual instinct in pregnant mammals (humans included!) to prepare a safe home for the upcoming newborn(s).

Whether than means washing and ironing every item of clothing or cleaning the floors with a toothbrush, pregnant mamas can go to extreme lengths as the nesting instinct takes over.

Studies show that nesting is very real and may serve a protective function. Maybe the instinct to create a safe, clean environment for the baby helps mom bond with baby too (less to worry about after baby arrives).

But just because nesting is real doesn’t mean it’s signaling labor. Some women nest throughout most of their pregnancy, others begin nesting days before labors, and still others fall somewhere in between.

Baby drops

When your body is preparing for labor, baby will begin to drop down into the pelvis. This can relieve the squished feeling in your chest and abdomen and may make eating a full meal and simply breathing easier. It’s called “lightening,” and most moms breathe a sigh of relief when this happens!

Though baby dropping is a good sign, it doesn’t mean that labor is going to happen today, tomorrow, or even this week.

For first time moms, baby is likely to drop earlier, even several weeks before labor, while experienced moms are more likely to not notice any dropping until labor begins.

You’ve started dilating or effacing

Some women start dilating and effacing weeks before labor begins, while others don’t do either until a couple hours before birth.


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