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What Causes a Sink Choke?
There are many causes of a sink choke, and some may be difficult to prevent. In the kitchen, a choke can develop when food waste is not properly ground up by the garbage disposal or when it is placed down the sink without being ground up at all. This often happens when the wrong side of the sink is used to rinse off dirty dishes. It may also develop if hot grease goes into the sink as a liquid and congeals before it is washed away. In the bathroom, a sink choke is often caused by a combination of soap residue, grease and loose strands of hair or other debris forming over time to cause a clog. In addition, a sink choke in both the bathroom and kitchen can be caused by foreign objects accidentally washing down the drain.


Do-It-Yourself Remedies
When considering how to deal with a sink choke, you want to consider if you need to retrieve the object that has been lodged inside the pipe. In most cases, a resident simply wants to clear the pipe of the choke. You may be able to use a plunger over the sink’s drain to remove some clogs. Another idea is to unfold a metal hanger and create a makeshift snake device. Both of these may remove your sink choke. However, if you need to retrieve the object in the sink or these remedies are not effective on your sink choke, you need to call a professional.


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Using Vineger


Pour about 1/4 cup of white vinegar or vinegar concentrate down the drain and let stand at least 20 minutes. Another very effective cleaning action can be created using a quarter cup of baking soda and then adding the vinegar – the resulting foaming action will clear the pipes.


Flush the drain with hot water. Freshly boiled water works best.


Use a plunger to agitate the clogged-up material. It may be necessary to block any sink overflow to help build suction.


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If your bath room or kitchen sink is choked, do not get worried, you can yourself clear it easily following these steps.

Step 1: Using a plunger rod to remove the blockage

Close the drainage hole in your bath room sink, or extra drain pipe in a double sink or kitchen with a wet cloth. This will help to produce suction. Use the plunger to remove the obstruction moving upwards and clear the drain pipe.

The plunger can be very useful to clear a choked sink.

Step 2: Take away the drain out stopper to get at choked waste pipe

In case you are not able to clear blockage with a plunger, take away the clean out stopper at the bottom of drain underneath the sink. Open the plug using a pipe wrench and then remove it. Circulate the water through the drain pipe to clear the rubble and collect it in a bucket. If you don’t find a drain out stopper, you will have to take out the complete trap. For doing this open the couplings on both the ends of curled trap. Circulate the water through the waste pipe and collect it in a pail.


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