Spin mop: a generation away from the old-styled mop | Kill The Dust

“It’s suitable to be used on any smooth hard surfaces such as marble, tile, hard wood floors, windows, doors, walls, furniture, cars and more! Wet/dry dual use. Even can spin dry other small things such as towels. Save cleaning time and energy.”


Innovation is the key driving force in this era’s consumer market. From cellular phones, gadgets, cameras, vehicles to things as simple as papers, tissue, and foods, nothing is safe from mankind’s innovativeness and creativity. Everything that existed five to ten years ago is considered now as outdated, obsolete or even worthless.

Even the humblest cleaning materials at home are changing at the same pace as cellphones and cars. From self-automated dishwashers to robotic floor sweepers, nothing is safe from the power of technological advancement. However, as time and time been proven, the best innovations are the simplest ones, and that is where the spin mop comes in…

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