Surprise party tips

“Surprise parties are fun and memorable occasions. If you’re considering throwing a surprise party, there’s a lot to keep in mind! Logistics include deciding where, when, who to invite, how to keep the secret, and how to reveal your surprise. All these details can confuse even the most experienced party planner. However you decide to plan your surprise party, make sure to practice the reveal. Nothing’s worse than someone jumping the gun. If you’re thinking of organizing a surprise party, read on for our best tips and ideas.”

Foolproof surprises

But seeing the expression on your victim’s face at the moment of truth is well worth the extra trouble. With a little planning and just a few white lies and these tips, you’ll succeed.

Zip it

The first rule of planning a surprise party is: Do not talk about the surprise party. The second rule of the surprise party is: Do not talk about the surprise party. Getting all of the party guests to keep the secret is notoriously difficult, but not impossible.

 Designate an accomplice

Having a partner in crime who does not live in the same house as the guest of honor makes it easier to store party supplies, track RSVPs, decorate the party venue and ensure that the guest of honor shows up at the right time and place. Make sure this person can keep a secret (and a straight face).

Keep RSVPs secret

A surprise invitation should make it crystal clear that this is a huge secret and that you are counting on guests not to spill the beans. Direct RSVPs to a private cell phone or e-mail (yours or your accomplice’s), especially if you’re planning the party for a spouse or someone who lives with you.

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