The 5 Most Effective Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Muay Thai

“We all want to have a toned and heathy body. That is the reason why we enroll in gyms or any training programs in order to achieve our dream bodies. One of the most popular activities today is Muay Thai. However, it is not just easy to indulge yourself in this kind of martial arts as it requires some strength.”


I see a lot of confusion among martial arts students when it comes to stepping into the weight room. There is nothing wrong with having no idea what to do – fighters are taught how to beat people and break their arms, not pick up heavy iron objects. But, if you do practice martial arts, then there is a minimal amount of strength training you should be doing in order to maximize your performance. To help with the confusion I have compiled a list of some of the best bang-for-your-buck exercises for the martial artist.



There are thousands of exercises to select from, so I tried to capture the most beneficial and efficient movements for the sport of muay Thai. The exercises listed below have been selected for several reasons. First, when performed they yield increased performance to the athlete. Whether in the form of strength, speed, or conditioning they increase some of the individual’s athletic attributes. The second reason I chose to select these exercises is that they help improve the athlete’s mobility and resilience to injury in some way, shape, or form.


Exercise #1: Deadlifts

Hands down one of the best strength-building exercises on the planet, particularly for the posterior chain. I don’t care what sport you do, if you’re not deadlifting you are missing out on some huge strength gains. Generally for my fighters, I keep the reps low and the rest periods long with the focus of the session being on perfect form, as I don’t want them to gain weight in the form of muscle mass.

One of the deadlifting protocols I commonly have my fighters use is the 5-3-2 that strength guru Dan John recommends in his book Easy Strength. I don’t have my fighters use percentages of their one-rep-max when performing deadlifts. This is because these guys are training two to three times a day and they feel differently on a daily basis. Some days they are ready to go to war, while on others they’re …


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