The Best Air-Purifying Plants For Your Home

I tried adding two indoor plants inside our living room but I found out that air-purifying indoor plants also exist. It only means they are not only for design purposes. I check this website and found some plants which do not need some extra care. I better add these plants which are really beneficial for our health.

Indoor air pollution

Living in an energy efficient, modern building can have unintended side effects. One of these side effects is less air flow. Lack of air flow allows for indoor air pollution to build up and cause health issues like asthma or sick building syndrome.

In fact, modern furnishings, synthetic building materials, and even your own carpet may carry more chemicals than expected. These chemicals can make up to 90 percent of indoor air pollution.


Plants to the Rescue

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

In 1998, NASA discovered that houseplants can absorb harmful toxins from the air, especially in enclosed spaces with little air flow. This study has been the basis for newer studies about indoor plants and their air cleaning abilities. While plants have less horse power than air purifiers, they’re more natural, cost effective, and therapeutic.

Plants are also known to:

  • increase mood and productivity
  • enhance concentration and memory
  • reduce stress and fatigue

NASA recommends two or three plants in 8 to 10-inch pots for every 100 square feet. Some plants are better at removing certain chemicals than others. Household chemicals come from objects and materials like:

  • carpets
  • glues
  • ovens
  • cleaning solutions
  • synthetic materials such as plastic, fiber, and rubber

You’ll benefit the most when you include a variety of plants in a room.

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