The Best Anti-Aging Foods

“With the right diet, you can add years to your life, protecting your cells and getting active against the signs of aging. You can even prevent some age-related diseases, such as heart disease and osteoporosis. It’s time to add the right foods to your diet. As you grow older, you want to take some action against the signs of aging, while preventing others. These foods below will set you on the right path.”

Best for Softening Skin: Pomegranates

Why they work: This fruit is packed with vitamin C, which helps guard against the wrinkling effects of sun damage. Plus, says Debra Jaliman, MD, an assistant professor of dermatology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, the juice in pomegranate seeds contains both ellagic acid and punicalagin. The first is a polyphenol compound that fights damage from free radicals; the second is a supernutrient that may increase your body’s capacity to preserve collagen, the subdermal connective tissue that makes skin look smooth and plump…

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