The Best Exercise Machines for Small Spaces

When we hear gym or exercising equipment, we automatically have that assumption that it’s big or heavy. There are also those who believe that you couldn’t achieve a fit body without going to the gym or unless you acquire those big and bulky gym machines. Fortunately, you could already purchase exercise equipment that will definitely fit your small space.



A. Folding Treadmill

If you’ve avoiding purchasing a treadmill because of size, look for a newer model that folds flat for storage in small spaces. These versions offer you the benefits of walking or running and are ideal for sliding under a tall bed, pushed into a closet or simply moved against a wall when not in use. For more convenience, choose a folding treadmill with wheels, which makes moving it around simpler.

B. Elliptical

The ellipticals you see at gyms may be too large to fit in your house, but many models sold for home use are smaller. Most take up less room than a treadmill, but offer similar benefits, allowing you to set it up in a corner or move it to the middle of the room for use. Some ellipticals fold up and have wheels, which makes them ideal choices for moving out of your way when you aren’t using the machine.


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