The Best Time of Year to Buy Essentials

Who wouldn’t want the best deals when it comes to hopping? Who wouldn’t want to make the most of their moneys? Actually it’s all about timing. Never rushing on buying the things you like as you can have them on sale if you just for a little while.


February: The Best Time to Buy Furniture

Why: New furniture designs debut in spring, so retailers are clearing out old styles to make room, says Dan Butler, vice president of retail operations at the National Retail Federation. Scour showrooms for “as is” floor samples in good condition offered at deep discounts.


Flat-screen TV

March: The Best Time to Buy a Television

Why: New models are introduced at the International Consumer Electronics Show each January. Retailers clear out old inventory to make way for the latest items, which ship in March, says Greg Tarr, executive editor of This Week in Consumer Electronics.


Women's sandals

March: The Best Time to Buy Sandals

Why: The first round of markdowns on spring shoes, which begin appearing in stores in January, happens in March, says Butler. Leftover sandals hit the clearance aisles by June, so visit brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers like and early for the best selection.


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