The Biggest Design Trends For 2018

Say goodbye to 2017 trends! Let’s welcome this year biggest design trends. So if you are going to do some renovation or decorating, you can check up this list that will surely make your home interior trendy.

From rounded edges to chrome accents, these are the design and decor trends making it big this year.

A new year brings with it the promise of a fresh start and for many, the inspiration to break out of old habits and try something new. Find out what design trends are leading the pack and give your home an update, whether it’s as simple as bringing more of the outdoors in or as full-blown as a bathroom remodel.




The biggest design trend that designer Jamie Deck, director and interior designer at Shift Interiors is excited about for 2018 is adding nature into our homes. “In 2017, I think we focused more on contrast and hits of colour whereas this upcoming year, I think warm neutrals and off-whites that are warm are coming back,” she says. “We are incorporating natural elements to go with them like concrete, marble and wood.” She loves this look because she says a natural palette is always timeless and flexible. “Nature should be in every room in the home, whether it is a window, a plant, linen drapery, marble table, straw or wicker seat, marble light, or a wood side table,” she says. “Nature heals and neutrals create calm environments in this busy world we live in.”

TREND TIP: Add accessories, layer up your sofa with a textured blanket, get some plants, hang a large image of the mountains or the ocean.

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