The Ever-Changing Kitchen Table

“Next to our bedroom, dining area is my favorite spot. Aside from the fact the I can enjoy our favorite meal; it is the area where the family gathers, share laughters, stories and many more. This is the reason why we want to keep it as inviting as possible. I myself cannot stop redecorating or trying new thing in our dining area.”


Dining table surrounded by couch and throw pillows 

Be creative with your kitchen dining area. Mix banquet style seating with chairs to create a warm and relaxed area to share meals with family and friends.

As kitchens evolve into powerful, professional cooking centers and festive spots for entertaining, the notion of the traditional kitchen table is evolving as well. Innovative seating options are slowly becoming more the norm, making it entirely acceptable to lose the kitchen table all together. But what to put in its place?


The Island

“Everybody wants an island,” says Gregg Buzzelli of CKC Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Morris Plains, New Jersey. “Everyone wants to congregate in the kitchen.” As the island becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen, it also becomes the social center as well. In addition to housing the cooktop, second sinks and additional storage, most islands incorporate some sort of seating area, from a bar-like row on a single-level island to an upper level dedicated to dining.

Val Stuessi, CKD, a designer with Crystal Kitchen Center of Golden Valley, Minnesota, often includes circular areas in her islands: “I like eating areas to be rounded, so the family can look at each other rather than eat at a straight snack bar where they sit like frogs on a log.”

The eating area will often feature a hardwood top to give it a more dining-like air. The choice of height can affect its purpose as well: a high top with stool-like seating often creates a more casual, grab-a-seat-and-munch feel, while a lower level closer to table height mimics the kitchen-table experience. Note: parents with young children should keep seating closer to the ground.


Tweaking The Typical Table

If you do opt for the tried-and-true route, don’t feel restricted to the same-old, same-old. Swap chairs for long benches (great for country kitchens), making seating closer and more casual.

Fans of vintage wares should scour antique fairs for weathered tables or purchase a hodge-podge of chairs-stain them all the same color to infuse a little unity.

Or, should the kitchen open into an adjacent ….


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