The Importance of Soil Testing Before Planting A Garden

The more valuable information you have regarding your allotment’s soil, the better you may choose proper plants and the better you could diagnose any problems your plants might experience. All the more sophisticated tests are available that can illustrate the trace elements in your soil just like magnesium and boron.”

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When you decide to start a vegetable garden, you’re probably itching to start planting the seeds. You envision plump, juicy tomatoes growing alongside rows of staked beans hanging thick on the vine. Melons flower and produce the ever-popular watermelon. Nearby rows of Swiss chard and spinach are carefully shaded from afternoon sun to extend harvest time.

But, wait! One of the most important steps in growing great vegetables actually happens before planting. It is testing the soil where you plan to plant the garden.

The soil is a large part of what makes your vegetables grow, and testing it is a definite must for growing those great fruits and veggies. Not as much fun as planting and watching the plants develop, but imperative to the latter…


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