These Vegan Burritos Are The Perfect Low Fat High Protein Snack

For those who love to eat buritos but worry about their weight, well this healthy recipe might be for you. It was made and cooked especially for those who are on diet as well as for vegans! Try this mouth watering vegan buritos. I’m sure even those who love meat will really appreciate this healthy food!

I love a good protein snack that is also low in fat. Actually, these vegan burritos also make a wonderful dinner idea. If you love Mexican food as much as I do, you will also love these burritos. There’s no meat or cheese so they are completely vegan and that also cuts down on the fat just a bit. They are really delicious though and so easy to make. They’ll be a must for your next taco night.

The protein comes from brown rice and white beans, which are both good for you. There are so many flavorful ingredients in these. My family absolutely loves them and has begged me to make them again. They also have mushrooms, peppers, onions and of course, avocado. They will save you quite a few calories over regular burritos so you can enjoy this luscious lemon glazed zucchini bread without guilt.

These burritos also have a wonderfully flavored homemade sauce. They’re sure to be a hit for family dinner or you could make them up ahead of time to take for lunch at work. They’re low in fat and have wonderfully flavorful ingredients. If you are watching your fat and calories, these are certainly a treat anytime of the day or night. Also, if you’re looking for a good family dinner idea you have to try this seasoned bacon baked chicken and potatoes recipe. It’s a hit with everyone at the dinner table.

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