Tips in Securing Your Home

Are you securing your household as much as possible? Ensure that your priorities in order. It’s always best to take into account the things a thief would consider–your goal is deterrence. The best home security measure is an untested one that simply frightens thieves off before they’ve got a opportunity to strike. Having said that, work through a few of the major points of home security before you consider other things.

Locks needs to be utilized for all external doors, as well as tool sheds. Garages needs to be locked as well. Your tools could be used to break and enter, enabling thieves to travel light and evade being caught if a police investigation is done.

Proper dead bolt, hinge, lock, latch and door frame installation is very important to ensure doorways and windows cannot be pried open, spread apart or screws removed to allow easier forced entry into your property. Change locks on new homes or if your key has been lost or stolen.


Always create that lived-in appearance. Stop ordinary activities like the mail or newspaper to ascertain the most effective home security. These things pile up after a while and are a telltale sign of the house being unoccupied. Believe it or not, criminals search for these signs when planning their next burglary.

Make sure that your door frames are properly reinforced. If they aren’t, they can be stomped down with a kick. Exterior doors must always, always be solid wood, if not metal. Hollow doors are only for interior use, since they are too easy to permeate.

Think about your landscaping. Many individuals have the idea that more trees and bushes are a great thing but actually it is an easy method of entry offering concealment – fenced-in or hedged back yards, rear or side doors/windows entirely or somewhat shielded from view by fences, screened patios, shrubs, sheds, basement window wells. Keep any big bushes well pruned to improve visibility around your home and eliminate any possible hiding places for possible burglars

Install adequate exterior lights around your home, especially near exterior doors. Motion lights, for example, only come on when somebody gets within a specified distance of your property. This way, you could scare away burglars without having to leave your light on at all times.

Install detectors for smoke and glass to notify you within the home and when you’re away. This lets you contact authorities quickly and when you’re in the office or away on vacation.

Keep your property cataloged and inventoried. If something is removed from your home, you may report it more effectively to the police or your insurance provider. Do not overlook any corner of your home security. Inspect thoroughly. If you think a thing can be a weakness, assume it is, and if you have the chance, have an expert double-check for you.

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