Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roof

Having a roof over your head is essential. For this and a number of other reasons, it is important to make it in good shape for as long as possible to be able to maintain a joyful home life and the safety of those who dwell beneath it. Simple ways to extend the life of a roof involve maintenance techniques that virtually any homeowner can make use of from inspections inside your home to more thorough inspections on the outside. Now you ask ,, where do you look, and what ought to be done when defects are found?

Start Your Roof Inspection in the Attic

(C) Argo Building Products, Inc

(C) Argo Building Products, Inc

Examining your roof from the inside could include getting up into the attic. There, it is possible to search for possible discoloration in the wood, the industry sure sign of past or present water damage. Areas which are very likely to leaking are around vents and chimneys, so these areas ought to be inspected with some expectancy that damage has took place the past and might occur in the future.

Inspect your Roof from The Outside

Next check the exterior of your home. Water stains, sagging, or cracks in the house’s walls are indications of potential problems using the roof. Look along the eaves for just about any soft or rotted sections. But remember to decrease the foot traffic in your roof. If foot traffic is a must then provide adequate protection by utilizing patio stones complete with insulation as well as any other solutions to protect the roof. Remember to call a consultant if you’re planning on any kind of pedestrian traffic on your roof.

Act on Maintenance Repair Recommendations

Retaining an advisor to finish a roof inspection is half the battle. Completing the suggested fixes is the other half. That old adage “Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.” Works as a reminder that you must make the suggested repairs outlined in the roof inspection report for the report to be of any value.

Your Roof Free of Debris

Another threat to your happy home is debris. Tree limbs and leaves rotting on the shingles of your roof is never a good thing and may be cleared if possible. Another type of debris may come from nails left by reckless contractors who had done work on the residence previously. When these nails are left on a home’s roof, the need for maintenance may be sped up because of expedited wear and tear. In the end, water does not need a lot of room to squeeze into your home.

Maintaining a roof covering is pretty simple whenever homeowners care enough to take a look once in a while. Simple inspections from the inside and out can make a big difference in extending the life of a roof.


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