Top 10 Roofing Safety Tips

“Before you even think about laying down your first shingle, review your roof safety rules first. Even the simplest job can incur hazards and safety risks when you’re working at such a height, even if your house is only one story.  Roofing is a dangerous profession. In fact, it has been reported that 6 roofers die each year in the U.S. from falls alone, not accounting for electrocutions and tool mishaps. So, remember to take these roofing precautions to avoid serious injury or even death.”

Three phases of a roof construction.

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Nowhere is home safety more important than when you plan to inspect or work on your roof. Ladders and steep roofs can be hazardous. Make sure you follow these simple precautions when working on your roof.

1. Don’t work on the roof alone. If an accident should happen there should be someone there to help.

2. Make sure the ladder is on a solid, level surface. Use a ladder stabilizer that attaches to the top of the ladder. If the legs are sitting on a dirt or grass surface, dig holes to hold the bottom of the ladder in place. If the ladder is on the porch or a deck, attach a board right behind the legs to prevent slipping.

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