Top Tips on How to Keep Active in The Office

Sitting in the office all day can go from bad to ugly.  Most health failure begin with the sedentary lifestyle in the office. . To begin to burn calories while working, there are some strategies that should you apply to.

Phenomenal advances in technology have made our lives much easier. We can do banking on our cell phones, order food to be delivered to us, communicate to anyone, anywhere from our phone or computer.

(C) Institut für Universal Design

(C) Institut für Universal Design

However, the side-effect of this is that we now move less. We sit – a lot. For long periods of time.
We drive to work. Sit at a computer all day. Drive home. Sit in front of the TV. Then go to bed. Our physical activity levels have dropped dramatically and research is starting to show the alarming effect this is having on our long-term health.

Studies are even showing that even for people who fit in an hour of exercise a day, if the rest of their day is spent sitting for long periods, their metabolic health is still compromised.
There is much research indicating that ‘sitting time, TV time, and time sitting in automobiles increases premature mortality risk’. Meaning that sitting too much could quite literally be killing you.


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