Treadmill Types and Configurations

Looking for the best home treadmill for running? As you may think they are all the same, then you are wrong. Treadmills have different types to cater the need or requirement of each person.


Treadmills come in the various sizes, forms, types and configurations. Their features and characteristics often overlap, so before buying one, it is very important to know what one actually needs from the treadmill, especially having in mind that treadmills are often rather pricey and should function properly for many years to come.

Folding Treadmills

lifespan 1200i 2Folding treadmills have an option of folding running belt/deck toward console or vice versa, console can be folded toward running deck.

This way these treadmills reduce their footprint and are easier to store away vertically or horizontally. Small and space saver treadmills are often so small that they are portable and often carried on trips by people who don’t want to miss their cardio workout, not even when traveling.

Note: out of your sight, out your mind. Position your treadmill on permanent location and fold running deck upwards to reduce treadmill’s footprint.

For home use, folding treadmills are the way to go. For commercial use, large and sturdy treadmills are designed to operate for hours every day and they rarely have folding option. If you have area to spare, money to spend, and you need commercial treadmill, go for it.

Manual vs Powered Treadmills

phoenix 98510 easy up manual treadmill 1mManual treadmills are lighter and cheaper than powered treadmills. When folded, manual treadmills are easily stored away, they don’t require mains power for operation, their construction is simpler since they don’t have main electric motor and transmission to move the belt and they are generally more durable – unless it is some a really cheap treadmill model.

However, manual treadmills are used only for walking, especially if the belt is in the horizontal position – a trainee must hold the handles with hands in order to create enough force to push the belt backwards. When treadmill is in inclined position, one can find balance between the force required to push the belt backwards and the gravity.

Powered treadmills require mains power to operate, but they are good for both walking and running …


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