Tried and Tested: How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

I never thought that my method in making fresh flowers last was not that good after all. This article just proved it since they run a method of experiments to found out what would be the best for fresh flowers and some of the results were shocking. And I guess you will probably change your method too after reading this article.



We’re not so naive to think cut dahlias will stick around forever, but we’re ready to do what it takes to keep them alive just a little bit longer. What if you dissolve an aspirin in the water? Or drop a copper penny into the bottom of a vase? Can it be that easy?

In the interest of science, we bought a bouquet so we could test five additives people commonly put in water to try to make fresh flowers last longer:

  • Vinegar and sugar mixture. The common wisdom is that vinegar will mitigate bacteria, and sugar will act as food.
  • Conventional flower food.
  • Bleach. The idea is that a teaspoonful will kill bacteria.
  • Aspirin: To increase the acidity of the water
  • A penny: The copper allegedly acts as an antibacterial agent.

Here’s what we learned:

To begin, we followed best-practice cut flower procedure and coddled our charge with tried and true cut flower care basics:

  • Trim flowers once they’re home; a 45-degree angle is best.
  • Use a clean vase, because the worst enemy of fresh flowers is bacteria.
  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight; the cooler and darker the room, the longer your flowers will last.

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