Types of Cooking Knives

Knives are an essential part of eating. Not just we eat with knives, we make our foods with cooking knives. However for an individual who is learning to cook for the first time, or has little culinary skills, choosing from several types of cooking knives could be totally frightening! Each time a person goes to the store, there are several different types of knives to select from in addition to the many types of locations that sell cooking knives. There can be a lot of concerns that form in the mind of an individual who would like to acquire different types of knives. They may wonder what type of cooking knives work with what types of task? Should they purchase cooking knives that come with a butcher block, or should they purchase individual kinds of cooking knives? If they get individual types of cooking knives, how many should they buy? These thoughts can make an individual shopping for cooking knives desire to run out of the door in fear.

(C) Simplebites.net

(C) Simplebites.net

The first thing that they need to do is to relax! It’s only cooking, not rocket science! Sure, while it’s true that a person will want more than a butter knife to cook and to eat with, choosing the best types of knives is not that hard. It will make their cooking a joy to complete. Here’s a look at a few of the standard types of knives and just what they’re useful for:

1. Butcher Knife: Everyone has seen a butcher knife. They’re also called cleavers, or cleaving knives. They have thick blades, are wide, and have heavy-duty wooden handles. Their purpose is to cut off pieces of meat. This is also true when a butcher or cook is splitting up pieces of meat from the body. For instance, a butcher will make use of this kind of knife to cut off legs, separate ribs, etc. This type of work requires a knife that can cut through ligaments and bones. A butcher knife will be well up to the task.

2. Bread Knife: If you create your own bread or you buy loaves of bread that have not been sliced, a quality bread knife should be in your cooking utensils collection. It can provide an even slice and a nice appearance for the remainder of the loaf. Most bread knives have a serrated blade and they tend to be about six to ten inches in length. The serrated blade provides a nice slice and is far preferred kinds of knives for cutting bread.

3. Paring Knife: This knife is a small knife used for peeling, dicing, and slicing. The blade length is usually three or four inches. Paring knives are available in an a extensive selection of styles.

4. A utility knife: Additionally it is a vital knife for a small collection. Utility knives are medium size knives and are designed for numerous duties in the kitchen. It’s not a good idea to best smart to use them for heavy cutting procedures and it is not designed for peeling small varieties of vegetables or fruits.

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