Types of Roof Coating and Their Importance

Roof coatings offer an obvious appeal to a home-owner. Replacing a roof is one of the biggest capital costs any home-owner can face. A roof if not coated properly can cost nearly 90% of the total maintenance expense of the building while a coating, at a far lesser cost, will help prolong the life of virtually any roof, and help make savings on power bills.

Photo by www.european-coatings.com

Photo by www.european-coatings.com

The best way to improve your house is to obtain quality roofing. As the days goes by, the roofing will steadily decay. The water accumulation and climate changes tend to wreck the roofing. To take care of all these kind of difficulties you’ll want to consider using roof coating to your dwelling. The coatings are available in a lot of varieties. A number of the common types include reflective coating, water proof coating, asphalt coating, metal coating, white covering etc. Lets deal with a few of them.

1. Reflective Coating – This kind of roof coating is mainly used to give protection against sun rays. Thus, you won’t have to spend on air conditioning in the hot summer seasons. Those who live in places that there is high humidity and high temperature can easily think about this type of coating. Besides the protection factor, reflective coating enables you to tap almost 85% of solar power.

2. Water proofing coating – If your roof just isn’t properly coated with waterproof materials, the probability is high it might leak and the whole roof will need to be taken down for clearing the problem. This is often avoided by using such roof coatings. These coatings are put on roof tops for permitting it to last for a very long time with no leakages.

3. Asphalt coating – This type of coating is principally used to discard water and also to fend off detrimental results of the extreme weather conditions. This is a pricey method of protecting your roof.

4. Metal coating – The forces of time and weather get their toll on metal just as they are doing on any kind of roofing material. Even when your metal roof has paint or sealant put on it from the factory, it will not be as durable as it may without a proper coating applied after installment.

5. White covering – The white coating will block ultra-violet radiation than reflecting it back. The white coating protects against the radiation although accumulated foreign particles often limit the reflectivity. Roofing specialists may renew the reflectivity by adding new layers of topcoat which can be less costly and is faster to apply that the initial coating. It’s always best to have it repainted every 3-5 years depending on the location, climate and weather of the region.

In the event you look at roof coating, you will be able to have a number of advantages. Initially, it will help in reducing the heat and enables to cut back the cooling costs. Roof coating is also found to avoid roof from cracking and allows to increase the life of home. It provides blocking the harmful UV rays. It is also very helpful in reducing the oxidization process on metal roofs. Finally it is very environmental friendly.

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