Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Decorating and Design

Maximize Your Kitchen Storage

With these 11 tips, even the tiniest of kitchens can fully accommodate your needs. If you can’t tear down walls to add more shelves and cabinets, look to these ideas to make the most of your kitchen storage options.

When you open the cabinet door, the shelves behind pull out automatically so the back corner section is in view.

Plenty of Cabinet Space

Multiple-shelf units, which vary by manufacturer, are engineering marvels for standard front-access cabinets. Here, when you open the door, the shelves directly behind it pull out automatically. The back section, normally housed in the corner, moves into view. You also can pull out those shelves to gain easy access to what’s in the back.




Tilting drawers, door racks, and stacking shelves can help maximize storage under the sink.

Under the Sink

The space under the kitchen sink is a challenge. So many plumbing parts are in the way that it often becomes a dark cave. Look to tilting drawers, door racks, stacking shelves, and plastic buckets filled with cleaning supplies to bring order to your cabinet.






Dishes are divided by pegs in the drawer.

Storing Dishes

Deciding how to store dishes and glassware isn’t an either/or proposition. You can combine several approaches and use them as part of your decorating scheme. In this kitchen, simple shelves hold plates and bowls, while cups hang from hooks on a rail. Glasses and other dishes are kept behind glass doors.






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