Varieties of Bathroom Shower Fixtures

Beneficial, convenient and space-saving, Showers are an incredibly preferred contemporary bathroom essential; however there are various forms of showers to pick from. Let’s take a look at the choices:


– Bath/Shower Mixers
Basically, a bath/shower mixer is usually a bath tap with a shower connection. Available on freestanding baths, the hose and spray are combined with the a mixer tap. The water temperature is altered through the taps, what is actually great about bath/shower mixers are that they don’t need any additional plumbing, so they are quite economical. When you have a smaller bathroom (and therefore don’t possess space for a physical shower independent of a bath) then this is a great choice. Though remember, these kinds of showers typically do not offer great water pressure – and it can often be tricky to get the temperature precisely how you desire it.

– Manual Shower Mixers
The hose and spray of this type of shower are joined with a bath mixer tap, and the temperature is usually altered with the bath taps. This is a very cheap choice and no extra plumbing is required. May be fitted on mains fed or gravity fed systems, so long as the pressure from the hot and the cold water turn up from a source undertaking at the identical pressure – otherwise, a pressure balanced mixer valve needs to be mounted.

– Electric Showers
An electric shower is plumbed right into a mains cold water supply and it heats the water electrically. The system enables the temperature and pressure to get adjusted via a knob. Models with temperature stabilizers are better as they remain unaffected by other taps elsewhere in use inside the household. It must be placed on its own circuit and never spurred from any other connections or equipment.

– Thermostatic Mixers
It’s an ideal selection for educational facilities, medical facilities and open spaces simply because of its inbuilt stabilizer unit which produces constant water temperature. It has a fixed wall unit, a hose, water spray and a valve. This kind of shower has the ability to regulate the flow of water and to combine cold and hot water to get the ideal water temperature. It’s user-friendly because of its ability to automatically adjust temperature of water and pressure.

– Power Showers
This product is much like a thermostatic mixer shower in that it combines hot and cold feeds, but it does so by using an integral pump – hence the requirement for a power source. It offers a fantastic shower experience with a great deal of water pumped out. Even so it can be a high-priced fitting, as plumbing & electrics will also be essential.

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