What Color is Indigo and How to Use it in Interior Design

Indigo probably a not so common color used in an interior. But these days interior designer use this color to enhance an overall look of the home.  This whole process requires you to have creative, analytic and technological expertise.

So, what color is indigo? When it comes to this color, blue jeans may be the first thing that comes to your mind but this authentic and delightful color is as prominent in interior design as it is in our traditionally favored clothes.

What is more, this natural blue color it is used for a long time, especially in interior design and it is produced using the blossoming Indigofera plant.

(C) Interiorcollective.com

(C) Interiorcollective.com

Blue represents the shade of trust, genuineness, logic, friendly and reason, the color of the mind which is affecting us rationally. It is a profound, dim, rich shade of blue with violet components.

As opposite of the true blue color, indigo color speaks to inward examination and self-reflection. It is shading for calm consideration.

Indigo interior design is making it way in our homes, expanding on our well established relationship whit the dark grey, that other modest moody color. This color is very flexible and can make a look that is rich, comfortable, and modern, contingent upon how and where is used.

So, if you are wondering how to decorate with indigo, here are some great ideas of the best ways to use this sensational inky tone and have the best impact.

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