What Size Dumbbells Should I Use?

A proper dumbbell workout program builds a better body in a short period of time. So, use dumbbells to build strong muscle, burn off fat, strengthen the abdominals, improve cardiorespiratory endurance and create a body that performs as good as it looks.

What Size Dumbbells Should I Use?

When it comes to weight training, there is no one size that fits all. The best weight for your dumbbells depends primarily on your fitness goals and your previous experience with weight training. According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, you need to lift weights heavy enough to fatigue your muscles within a specific repetition range. So, if you do not feel “the burn” when you have completed your sets, you are not lifting a heavy enough dumbbell.


The American Council on Exercise recommends that beginners start with a weight they can lift about 12 to 15 times for one to two sets. This is generally two to 15 pounds, depending on the muscle group. This helps develop baseline musculature and strength, plus proper technique and rhythm. Exercise with this repetition and weight range for about four weeks, then gradually progress according to your goals.

The Weights

The weight of a dumbbell you select for an exercise varies according to the muscle groups. When doing bicep curls, you can use 5 to 8 pound weights, while the exercises for the weaker triceps muscles, such as the triceps kickbacks, are best performed with 2 to 5 pound weights. Meanwhile, squats would be performed with weights up to 45 pounds, as your legs and glutes are significantly stronger than your arm muscles.


Generally, those who want to train for muscular endurance are distance athletes, such as marathon runners or triathletes, or people who need muscular endurance in their work. To train for …

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