What to Look for When Purchasing a Blender

A good blender is a crucial part of any kitchen, you may be making smoothies and margaritas or pureeing summer tomatoes from the garden for homemade marinara. Despite the popularity of food processors and hand/immersion mixers, blenders are the best choice for crushing ice, whipping up a smoothie or other frozen drink and pureeing soups.”

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Blenders & juicers are two of the most useful appliances that are available for the kitchen. Lots of people have the major appliances in their homes, such as fridges and ovens, and many individuals will have the smaller appliances such as toasters and microwaves. While these are all popular appliances, a blender is truly one of very useful appliances available. When individuals think of blenders, they often consider them as unknown and unneeded appliances. While it is true that numerous people may go through their normal kitchen activities without the use of a blender , there are plenty of things that can be done with this appliance.

With the amount of choices on the market, how would you narrow down the list and make certain you will get the best value for the money? Here are some tips to help you in your search for the best blenders.

3 Top Tips to Choose a Blender


Just how much you are able to put in the blender is important. Sizes of blenders vary but it’s better to always get the bigger one. Blenders may be able to hold up to three liters. Always take into consideration what sort of food you’ll be blending and also how much of it you will be blending at one time. Some blenders are designed to be extra food storages later, nonetheless, stay away from these types if you want to blend a variety of ingredients in big proportions.

What it is made of

Quality Components are a extremely important aspect to consider when buying a blender. You need to make sure to see what the blenders gear and base is made of. Following a lot of use if the parts are not of high quality, they will begin to break down and you’ll have to replace them. It is best to get a better quality blender that will cost a little more but will last over the years. The jar portion of the blender is another thing to look out for and to see if it is made from glass, plastic or metal.


There are blenders that may carry out a variety of functions with its attachments. Look to see what sort of attachments can be found with the blender that you are considering. Assess if you’ll need them. In that case, try to find attachments that can easily come on and off. It would also be better if these attachments may be replaced if it stops functioning. Some functions to consider include a function which will allow you to blend the ice and also one that has a hole on top that you can pour ingredients into while blending.

Bottom line

Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish when selecting your blender. If the blender does not meet your expectations and needs you won’t use it, and/or your blender has deficiencies, here too, you simply won’t use it. The correct blender will do a lot for you and you will put it to use on a regular basis for a long time.

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