Which is better: Wallpaper or Paint?

Oftentimes deciding on between wallpaper and paint can be extremely hard, for you can find pro’s and con’s each way. It was once that wallpaper was unfashionable, thus it made the decision a little easier, yet at present wallpaper has returned in fashion and feature walls range from paint OR wallpaper.

Advantages of Wallpaper

The best thing about wallpaper is that it’s got wide variety of style, patterns and texture available. You have the freedom to just make it as borders or fill the whole room with it. It often needs less cleaning, because the pattern usually covers any dirt or grime that might show up effortlessly on painted walls. You don’t have to worry anymore what other features you have to put into your wall because your wallpaper is sufficient enough for making an impact in your room.


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Disadvantages of Wallpaper

After your lavish wallpaper is up on the walls, the main problem you’d encounter is keeping dirt off it and eliminating it. Certainly, most wallpaper very easily stain and those that are stain proof can cost quite a lot. Wallpaper may easily fade whenever exposed to sunlight. A lot of wallpaper out there can also easily fade and lose their colors as time passes. Depending upon the type of wallpaper, it can be hard to take it out should you get tired of looking at the design.

Advantages of Paint

Cheap and simple – the main advantage of paint is it is accessible in the market and there are already a lot of professional painters who can perform the job for you. Paint can effectively hide the marks, small holes, and scratches on your wall. You’ll be able to try out any artwork with your wall or try out many decors when you use paint for the walls.

Disadvantages of Paint

As stated, it is possible to try out colors but this process need to be done properly since you must redo it when it didn’t work effectively. Also, patterns and styles ought to be made from scratch and should be done by a professional. In addition ,, it you won’t take extra precaution with the selection of your paint, you could lead your family to health risks since some paints consist of toxins and chemicals.

Why choose?

A number of people think – why pick? Use a mixed off paint and wallpaper in every room – above and underneath the curtain rails (solid colour on top preferably) or perhaps some walls papered and some walls painted.

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