Why Should You Use Bamboo Towels

Perhaps bamboo is the only plant which grows about 4 feet a day. They are produced in oriental countries in great amount. Bamboo has lots of functions like they are used for making furniture, walls, mats, towels, and others. Towels created from bamboo fiber extracts are known as as bamboo towels. Because of reasons like environment protection and high absorbing capacity, these towels have become in a lot reputation and are much in demand these days.

Bamboo towels are a fantastic and environmentally friendly substitute for cotton towels. 100% bamboo fiber towels is going to be absorbent, plush, and soft. Should you be looking for a green life then owning a set of bamboo towels is a good method to extend your environmental consciousness into your bathroom, particularly if acquire organic bamboo towels, or unbleached bamboo towels. They provide an eco-friendly solution to the conventional cotton towels.

(C) yesitsorganic.com

(C) yesitsorganic.com

1. Natural Defense – The remarkable anti-microbial properties of bamboo turn it into a natural, hygienic choice for bathroom environments. It has a natural subtle sheen of its own and it is quality seems like cashmere. It’s hygienic and protective having natural UV properties, odor resistant and anti-static properties which makes it go beyond cotton towels.

2. Durability And Maintenance РWhen we think of maintenance cost for towels, we normally think of washing and drying. It is very common for cotton towels to use laundry detergent, fabric softener, and often bleach in the washer. While bamboo towels use laundry detergent, ideally a natural laundry detergent, fabric softener and bleach are not recommended. In this regard, bamboo comes out the leader. Less cash used on fabric softener and bleach suggests more cash in your pocket

3. Bio-degradable – Bamboo towels are also a great way to “go green” since each towel is totally biodegradable and don’t contain any harsh chemicals that may negatively impact the environment. It is a resource that may be renewed again and again which is great.

4. Skin care – The most appreciated quality of the bamboo are for individuals with sensitive skin. These towels are 100 percent hypoallergenic. Cotton-based products are not able to make this same claim. Many cotton based towels could cause skin irritations for all those with sensitive skin or allergies. It imparts natural softness to the towel using a silky smooth texture.

Once we look at initial cost, maintenance cost, and durability we could see that bamboo towels are simply as economical, and perhaps a little more economical, than a well-made cotton towel. Not to mention the environmental benefits of using them.


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