Why Some People Still Use Door Knockers

Door knockers have been in use for lots of years. Though they could be regarded as relatively old-fashioned in certain regard they’re still very useful with regards to adorning your door. Of course, their function is not the same today as it was previously however they do add a touch of charm for just about any front door.”

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The easy addition or replacement of an older knocker can absolutely transform the entire appearance of your entryway and add new elegance on the exterior of any home. Although interest in specific designs changes over time, you will find wonderful patterns that are always a classic and welcome addition for any entryway set.

Door knockers tend to be more popular in England than in any other country and could be found everywhere, even in the most remote locations. However, the history of door knockers begins several thousand years ago in Ancient Greece. Greeks were a little picky about surprise visits to their dwellings. It was thought to be a breach of etiquette to go in a dwelling without warning. Where Spartans would simply shout their arrival, the more sophisticated Athenians chose to utilize a door knocker.

Probably the most beautifully crafted knockers have been those created during medieval times. Renaissance door knockers were also very artistically designed and crafted by artisans to be a masterwork. In fact, commonly it had been designed by an artist and then forwarded to a metal worker to completely form. The earliest types were probably made from wood though there are not a lot of these around anymore. Lots of the old antique door knockers were made either from iron or brass.

The main objective of a door knocker is to let the residents of a residence be aware that someone’s in the door, in addition to save the knuckles of visitors from being bruised or blemished. Some were crafted for decorative purposes, and the most popular designs were created of iron, pewter, brass or stainless steel. They were made to endure all outdoor elements and also to remain durable for years. These were also heavy enough to produce a sound when they were tapped against the door.

Modern-day door knockers are still usually created from some form of metal. These are still commonly created from cast iron and brass however there are also lots of stainless steel or pewter ones available to purchase. These are still usually very decorative items despite the fact that their usefulness has, in most cases, been replaced by the doorbell. You will find common designs that have been used through the ages such as the lion’s head design as well as many modern designed ones.

Whether used practically or for decoration, it’s an superb way of differentiating a house from the neighbors’. The door is the very first thing visitors notices, so why don’t you greet them with the elegance of a beautiful door knocker?

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